Sign Language Resources, Inc.

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For HOSPITAL, MENTAL HEALTH, FIRE, POLICE, or EMERGENCY HOUSING please call 888-964-5553 and press the "STAR" (*) key on your phone.


SIGN LANGUAGE RESOURCES, INC. is available to take EMERGENCY requests at any time, day or night, 7 days a week (some major holidays excluded). Although it would be desirable to have a Sign Language interpreter at your site within minutes of your need, it is not always possible due to travel timeand availability. In a serious situation, SLR will make every attempt to get secure an interpreter as quickly as possible.




LAST MINUTE REQUESTS (other than hospital, mental health, fire, police, or emergency housing)


* BUSINESS HOURS, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, 8AM-5PM: call SLR at 888-964-5553 and press the "STAR" (*) key on your phone.


* NON-BUSINESS HOURS, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 5PM-8AM, EVENINGS, WEEKENDS, HOLIDAYS: Please send us an on line request. Your request will receive priority on the next business day. Or you may call the office on the next business day to speak with a coordinator directly.