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SLR Mentorship Program (SLR-MP)

APPLY NOW for the February/March/April cycle


Applications are due by January 28, 2019


(Links to online applications are below)


Vision Statement:

The Sign Language Resources Mentorship Program (SLR-MP) is designed to support the needs of Sign Language interpreters working in the field who are striving to improve and expand their knowledge, skills, and experience. The SLR-MP aims to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the professional world of interpreting and to support recent graduates of interpreter education programs, novice interpreters, and interpreters with limited skill sets in their efforts to become more proficient interpreters.


Program Objectives:

To facilitate and maintain a program in which Sign Language interpreters can learn and grow through the sharing of knowledge and experience. 

To maintain a program which is reflective on its structure and strategies and which fosters a sense of community, a respect for the profession, and a commitment to supporting the growth and progress of Sign Language interpreters.


The SLR-MP offers experienced interpreters in our field the opportunity to give back to the profession and to share their experience and knowledge with newer, less experienced interpreters. 




The SLR-MP began September 2010. We run 3 CYCLES annually and each CYCLE lasts 3 months. The CYCLE schedule is as follows: 


Cycle 1: February-March-April 

Cycle 2: June-July-August 

Cycle 3: October-November-December


During the 3-month cycle, Mentors and Mentees engage in a minimum of 1 meeting per week, or 4 meetings per month, to achieve a total of at least 12 Mentor-Mentee meetings during the cycle. 

Meetings should be a minimum of 1 hour in length and should be continuous, goal-oriented interactions between the Mentor and Mentee held in person or via phone, video-phone, or on-line.

Participants submit monthly meeting summaries to the SLR-MP Coordinator and fill out an End of Cycle Evaluation at the conclusion of the cycle. 



Participants view an online presentation: "Introduction to the Cycle" at the start of the cycle.  Participants can view this on their own or with their Mentor/Mentee.  This presentation introduces the participants to the cycle and reviews the structure and requirements of the program.  The presentation reviews the SLR-MP Mentor-Mentee Contract and best practices and resources in the field of mentorship are shared.




Online group meetings are scheduled. These meetings are optional, but participation is strongly encouraged. 

Group Meetings: 

2 Full Group Meetings: Beginning and end of Cycle


The coordinator, Amy Rubinger, is available to meet with participants anytime during the cycle if the need arises.


Who Should Apply and How Do You Sign Up?


The SLR-MP is primarily a New York based program, serving the Greater New York Metro area including interpreters in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. When space and resources allow, the SLR-MP strives to support and include interpreters in other states. 

Applications are available one month before the start of each cycle and are due before the start of the cycle. 

Participants must have the ability to participate in online meetings. 




Interpreters who are currently working and/or have completed an Interpreter Education Program are welcome to apply. 

The participation fee for Mentees is $195.00. This fee is due when the SLR-MP Coordinator confirms a Mentor match for the Mentee. 

Mentees interested in participating should complete the online 






The SLR-MP is always seeking qualified interpreters to add to our pool of Mentors! New and experienced Mentors are welcome to apply. The SLR-MP provides resources and support for our first-time Mentors. 

Mentors interested in participating should complete the online 




Compensation for Mentors: In appreciation of their time and energy shared with our program, Mentors receive a $350.00 honorarium from the SLR-MP. (This amount will be paid in two increments: $150.00 at the start of the 3-month cycle and the remaining $200.00 will be paid at the conclusion of the 3-month cycle.) 

Additionally, Mentors receive a voucher for 50% off of the registration fee of one SLR sponsored workshop once the cycle is complete and all requirements have been met.




Mentors and Mentees are eligible to receive a free RID Independent Study designed and implemented by SLR worth up to 2.0 CEUs. 


Have questions or want more information? Contact:

Amy Rubinger CI CT

SLR-MP Coordinator