Sign Language Resources, Inc.

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SLR's Services

Sign Language Resources, Inc. can guide you in putting together Sign Language interpreting services that are the most suitable for your meeting or situation. Sign Language Resources, Inc. interpreters are capable and skilled in American Sign Language (ASL), Signed English Transliteration, Tactile Interpretation and Close Vision Interpretation for the Visually Impaired, and Oral Interpretation for non-signers.


At SLR we help you, the customer, understand the needs of the Deaf community, we listen to your needs and help you choose the right services, and explain what is important about Sign Language Interpreters and what they will need to best work with you.


We at Sign Language Resources, Inc. value our customers and consumers and do what is necessary to ensure that all communication needs will be met whenever possible. We serve you in these areas:




     Mental Health

     Business Corporate

     Professional Development

     Primary & Secondary Education

     Video Interpretation

     Vocational Training




     Social Events

On Site Interpretation is the most common way a Sign Language interpreter, or a team of Sign Language interpreters, provides services to you.


     Sign Language interpreter(s) come to your location

     Face to face meetings with all parties


Remote Interpretation uses technology, video conferencing through the internet, and is used for quick meetings or certain kinds of emergencies. Special equipment allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing to communicate via a Sign Language interpreter.


     Connect through the internet and a camera device or videophone

     No travel charges

     Only pay for the minutes used instead of an appearance fee or hourly minimums

     Can be prescheduled or last minute

     In an emergency provides essential communication between parties until an on site interpreter arrives


Conference Planning Sign Language Resources, Inc. provides coordination and consultation services so that Deaf, Deaf and Blind, and Hard of Hearing persons can attend conferences, workshops, meetings, and trainings and find your programs accessible for communication.


At SLR we have the expertise to plan communication between the Deaf and hearing persons at your event so that all may participate to the fullest extent. Here are some of the services you may need at a conference:


  • American Sign Language/English Interpreting
  • English/English Based Sign Language Transliterating
  • Tactile for the Deaf and Blind
  • Close Vision Interpreting for the Deaf and Partially Sighted
  • Oral Transliteration
  • CART/Typewell
  • Referral to resources on legal rights
  • Identification of communication needs
  • Resources for assistive listening devices
  • Advice on presenters' locations
  • Consultation on seating arrangements, lighting, backdrops
  • Devise a schedule for all breakout sessions
  • On site support during all large conferences
  • On call support during small conferences
  • Post conference debriefing
  • One bill for all services
    SLR can help you structure your interpreted meetings.